3D Modeling & Virtual World Development

TETON VIDEO SERVICES TETON VIDEO SERVICES creates 3D virtual content development using a variety of tools to produce realistic representations of actual or simulated engeineered systems or real world components. The output of this work can demonstate how individual items interact in real life situations. It can take the form of complex animations, or XYZ based structures in which the user can navegate according to one's needs within the virtual world. The grace and simplicity of understanding complex interactions can only be achieved through visualization. Clarity can be achieved in such 3D product offerings without the cost of development of production of actual systems.

Teton Video Services uses engineering visualization and video compositing offerings from Autodesk, Unigraphics NX 5, Solid Edge. We have created video games, animations, and virtual world content for government and fortune 500 companies that are world class.

The bottom line is this:  The depth and diversity of our visualization and video production experience is the best available in Eastern Idaho.

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