A Basic Introduction

What is Teton Video Services?

Teton Video Services was officially founded as a privately owned partnership February 26, 1996 in Bonneville County, Idaho & is registered as a reseller within the State of Idaho. The company was founded with the objective of providing its clients with the highest quality video productions within its market area. Teton Video Services is owned and operated by Allan & Tara Klingler. Their personal home page is available at the following link location: http://www.tetonvideo.com/owners.html

Teton Video Services is growing and expanding its studio equipment all he time. Like its name, modeled after the Grand Teton Mountains, Teton Video Services is growing tall so it can be around for a long, long time. Its mission is to provide its clients with exquisite quality and dedicated & friendly service as it helps them succeed in their communication objectives. It is commited to the production of specialized video based messages which will result in customer sales growth and the positive name recognition of its clients. "If you can imagine it, We can produce it!!!"

For the consumer, Teton Video Services is without question the most cost effective video editing production studio in Eastern Idaho. It provides broadcast quality output that you can be proud of, while keeping your project within budget! They love to make you look good!!!

For those without businesses of their own, Teton Video Services also produces great productions of special events like wedding receptions, funerals, civic events, nature videos, home inventories, high school athletic & commencement events, and other specialty productions as needed. We have done videos for insurance claims showing flood damage to homes and personal property. We have created digital images from video tapes from images in a variety of images, from building fronts to locations several hundred feet under the ground in injector wells at the INL. Such images could be used in desktop publishing, logo creation, internet home pages, use in recorded video, and many other uses.

The photo montage is a particular favorite specialty of ours. We can take photos, digitize them, and creatively put them to video with a tasteful background of music to fit the scene. Its really fun to see a young couple go from baby pictures, toddlers, children, teenagers, and then as the bride and groom. With 50th anniversary projects its fun to take it to the next generation and show the family grow with children, and grandchildren,and even great-grandchildren. We have done many dozens of similar projects and show a lifetime of pleasant memories.

Regardless of the scope of the project, all aspects of the production are taken care of from the shooting, editing, title generation, graphics production, sound mixing, to the duplication and distribution of the final copies.

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