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September 2009:
Our facility is now equipped with an additional multi-disc printing and replication system. This adds completely automated robotic full color CYMK printing of up to 60 CD, DVD, or Blueray discs per hour. Additionally, we have moved our full color disc sleeve printing in house, giving us high quality photo quality CYMK color printing of our DVD and VHS sleeves. Our initial runs show every bit as good appearance as the photo labs in the big box stores, except that our image size output is not scaled to a random size cropping key content in the image. Quality and speed are better than ever with our new upgrades. If you have not seen one of our discs lately, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

July 2009:
Teton Video Services has now gone HIGH DEFINITION. Our studio now is operating one of the first shipping HD editing and finishing systems that its manufacturer announced at NAB 2009. With the ability to acquire SD and HD content through SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI, AES/EBU, Firewire, IEEE-1394, USB 2.0, Composite, S-Video, and Component inputs, we can handle the requirements of our diverse client base? preserving quality integrity through use of a unmodified direct signal path. Our workflow is improved with a live display frame buffer for most of our high end production tools. Now we can create custom visual content in leading industry toolsets and display that content in real time on screen as the content will appear on screen as we create it. This benefit allows our output to be accurately fine tuned as it is being created. That improved efficiency is a big deal, making our services a better value than ever before.

While the video industry still has not entirely gone HD and client requests for HD are rare, we are proud to once again to be ready for the call. We tested our capability to create custom HD content on a limited basis several years ago, but now we are up and running to do it much easier.

Additionally, we have acquired multiple new web and multimedia development tools to increase the depth of our internet development content resources. We are headed that direction more with the constantly expanding nature of the internet. When you need internet page development with world class visual content, this is the place.

January 2007:
We just returned from our 2nd appearance at the Eastern Idaho Bridal Show, where we had overwhelmingly favorable response to our bridal offerings which showcased the interactive DVD concept with multiple wedding events. Our production style integrates compositing, customized user interface, 3D graphics, highly polished post production elegance, and close attention to detail to make a perfect keepsake for your once in a lifetime event. It was a lot of fun for all.

Can we do that? YES!!! is our answer.

September 2006
Teton Video Services is proud to announce multiple new hardware acquisitions and upgrades which allow us to mass replicate using dedicated robotic machines up to 90 full DVDs per hour. That is right, 90!!!! We are up and running with all equipment operating and with inventory for your project on hand. Thank you to all our customers who have encouraged us to get better, stronger, and faster. Now we can reward them with performance that is mind boggling even to us, just a short time ago. How about that, same day service with over 720 DVDs in a single 8 hour business day... and much more for CD-ROMs! We recently received our largest ever shipment of CD-ROMS, DVDs, DVCPRO media, with an abundant stocked variety of packaging options. In every sense we are prepared to go to work on your project today!!!

Here are some items of interest for Teton Video Services as of July of 2006. Effective immediately, we are able to acquire digital signals through SDI, Firewire (Both Consumer & Professional versions), and AES/EBU inputs. These are the highest quality digital technology protocols of signal quality available. Basically this allows content to be aquired digitally without the compression or signal loss of analog connectors. The resulting video quality is crisp and free from noise and artifacts. Of course, we can work with all analog input sources too, including component, S-video, & composite. Our current in-house video formats include Beta, DVCPRO, DV, DVCAM, MiniDV, U-matic-SP, U-Matic, VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, 8mm Film, and Super-8 Film. Of course as before, in the rare event you need something else, if you provide a loaner deck in another format we can work with that too, as we recently did with Digital 8 and HDV projects.

On other matters, We are the only Eastern Idaho production company who is able develop video podcasting for the Apple I-Pod devices or I-Tunes software. As many of our business clients know from working with us, it is a great cost effective method of transmitting quality video content feeds on demand to the end users over the internet. We can take care of all your video podcasting needs, from the coding of RSS feeds, exporting of MPEG-4 content, and hosting. We currently host and maintain a number of video podcasts published through I-tunes. Search the I-tunes store under the podcast tab using the keyword of Idaho Falls for some of our feeds. Perhaps We'll get around to things and update this page with links to subscribe to them.

And of course, we were the first studio in eastern Idaho with the capability to create customized interactive DVD video productions in house. Our authoring of customized intertactive content for business and individual users has been a great success. We offer both large and small disc repliaction audio or video projects at great savings, and unlike the replication houses who don't accept projects with volume under quantities of 1,000, We are eager to take on replication jobs big or small. If you want want a mastered commercial replication, we can work on DVD authoring media for your master to it send out for large commercial run quantities, not on GP media. And yes, our jobs never have the problematic adhesive labels since we do quality on disc full-color printing.

We also produce video flash content, advanced video compositing, and 3D animations. These have been well received by many loyal repeat customers from many states all over the country. Thanks to all our loyal customers whose projects make what we do fun and exciting. We are grateful to each of you.

With our growing skills and technology we are here to serve you. Let us know how we can assist you on your next project, our phone number is (208) 528-2327.

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