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TETON VIDEO SERVICES would be pleased to assist in your podcast development. Whether you need shooting, editing, audio recording, encoding, coding, or web hosting services,Teton Video Services has you covered.

If you are unfamiliar with what a podcast is, here is a simple explanation.

A podcast is a web based tool that businesses or individuals use to distribute information to interested parties, similar to the concept of an internet blog. The podcast developer would desire to share key messages and the subscriber would want to hear updated information on a periodic basis about the material in the podcast. The podcast allows a person to click once and subscribe to a free series of information that would allow new material to be automatically made available to the subscriber the next time the user opens the i-Tunes program, or when the user refreshes the podcast data within i-Tunes.

From a business perspective, this is a big deal, arguably the biggest thing to hit the internet in its history.

The podcast's power is very simple: 1) You can distribute content easily to anyone, anywhere online. 2) It has a low development and distribution cost. 3) It allows for management to control consistency between messages used out in the field by one's sales force so everyone is getting the same message. 4) It gets your very best presentation out in front of the customer every time. 5) It is dummy proof... the end user can subscribe and do nothing, and they get access to the new material as long as they can just open the program. 6) Its a versitile method of communication, namely, it supports graphics, audio, and video content, each in great quality. 7) The material could easily be loaded onto a video I-pod and shown to potential customers without the need for a PC, DVD player, TV, or a projector. If one does have access to the equipment, there are tools out there for I-pods to interface with your TV and audio hardware, if it is available. 8) The material is accessible anywhere you can find a connection to the internet. 9) The podcast developer can update the podcast content on the fly as needed. 10) The keyword searchable contents of your podcast can have new potential customers search you out to purchase your goods and services. 11) The best part is listing it through the i-Tunes service is FREE!!! Maybe that should be #1 on our list. It looks like We saved the best for last.

TETON VIDEO SERVICES has considerable experience in the development of multimedia and has successfully produced a number of podcasts for its customers. We have the expertise and resources to successfully tailor a message to your audience and administer your podcast in every way. The development tools and learning curve associated with this developing this medium is considerable and we would recommend outsourcing this workload to a professional, either us or someone else with that technical expertise. Those who have made the committment to create their own podcasts through this medium are sure to reap the rewards for their effort in doing so.

For information about podcasting with Teton Video Services click here.

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