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Idaho's Source for Professional Disc Replication Services

Teton Video Services is proud to announce expansion to its disc replication capacity. We can provide same day service in Eastern Idaho for large quanities of DVDs or CDs. Our investment in the tools to support your business disc replication needs allows us to serve you like no other. Teton Video Services has a long record of producing large quanities of CDs and DVDs for its many clients. We welcome small or large runs, and package your project to your specifications.

If you want replicated discs, we have the authoring media hardware to create your master required by the big national production houses.

Since we do all our work locally and don't farm it out, you retain control and security that your job will be done right. We only use and stock large quantities of the professional DVD and CD media that you CANNOT buy in stores to ensure the highest levels of compatibility on your players.

As a full service company we rapidly print, duplicate, package your items for you to meet your deadlines. Unlike most other replication houses, we do not require a high minumum order quanity to process your order. We welcome small orders and make it affordable to upgrade your quantity with deep discounts for high volume orders.

We cater to business clients and quickly get it done right.

Of course, we have complete professional resources of all kinds to create your master too, with the finest expertise amd tools in audio and video production, graphic design, and DVD authoring. We can truly handle your project from start to finsh.

Every item we sell is the best quality available. You deserve the best.

  Please Contact Teton Video Services Now With Your Disc Packaging Needs At (208) 528-2327