Studio Tools & Production Facilities

TETON VIDEO SERVICES Teton Video Services uses a broad set of  professional grade video production tools.  We currently work with VHS, 8mm, Hi8, ¾Ē U-Matic SP, S-VHS, Beta, and DVCPRO video formats.   We do professional editing on three high end editing systems with premium toolsets.  We complement our editing with professional compositing, 3D animation, & professional character generation titling.   We have many multimedia creation tools to produce content for your demanding projects.

The bottom line is this:  Our studio has top-quality tools, does broadcast quality work, and is eager to take on your project.  And the best part is, since we donít have high overhead costs like our competition, we keep you on budget with our extremely low rates.  And since our studio is  locally, family owned we give you a personal touch, and take the time to do the job right without being forced to do a rush job.  The quality of our equipment, our attention to detail, and our quality workmanship make our video productions the best available in Eastern Idaho.

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